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Zirconia is fast becoming the material of choice for aesthetic conscious Patients and Dentists alike. The world of Zirconia is changing at an increasing rate resulting in todays modern High Strength Ultratranslucent Zirconia.

Our experience in using Zirconia over the last 12 years has enabled us to highlight the exceptional qualities of different materials from strength to translucency, bringing them together to produce our own unique blend.

SpectraMax (monolithic 600mpa) and SpectraMax HT (for frameworks 1200mpa):

  • This is a highly translucent, fully biocompatible, isostatic Zirconia
  • At 600mpa it is much stronger than lithium disilicate (E.Max) but has the same translucency
  • It is therefore particularly suitable for the posterior tooth region but can be used anywhere in the mouth
  • We can do single crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges with a maximum of 3 units. These can all be fully anatomic or reduced for porcelain addition
  • Is backed up by Precedental's Exellence Service and 5 year guarantee
  • Micron precise fit as with all our Cad/Cam products
  • SpectraMax HT with a superior strength of 1200mpa can be used for larger span bridges (3 unit +) again with incredible translucency layered or monolithic


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